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Thursday, August 25, 2011

08/25/2011 Trading Signals


QE3 or no QE3 tomorrow, the chart is arguing a top of some kind is close, if not today, because even it’s the blue arrow cases, meaning no immediate pullback tomorrow and even the next week, eventually SPY all dropped below the blue arrow day.


SPY SYSTEM ENTRY STOP LOSS Current 2*ATR(10) value: SSO=13%; SDS=12%; UPRO=20%;SPXU=19%
Non-Stop *08/25 L N/A *Long is risky when long term signals are on the sell side.
Cobra Impulse 08/23 L breakeven  
DEMO ACCOUNT FOR SHORT-TERM MODEL (Attention: This is not part of Cobra Impulse System)
TICKER Entry Date Entry Share Stop Loss Exit Date Exit Profit Comment
SDS 08/19/2011 $26.70 100 $23.17 Hold until the 1st failure, not because it’s safe.
SDS 08/18/2011 $25.52 100 $22.46 08/19/2011 $26.81 129.00  
SSO 08/17/2011 $42.60 50 $37.49 Not a new setup, just a buyback of 08/16 longs.
SSO 08/16/2011 $42.82 50 $35.54 08/17/2011 $43.40 29.00  
SSO 08/15/2011 $42.86 50 $35.14 08/15/2011 $43.26 20.00  
SSO 08/11/2011 $40.16 50 $32.93 08/11/2011 $41.53 68.50 Position too small to split, could hold overnight.
SDS 08/08/2011 $25.94 100 $23.61 08/08/2011 $26.58 64.00 Had to leave earlier today so sold too soon.
SDS 08/04/2011 $23.13 100 $21.51 08/09/2011 $28.35 522.00  
SDS 08/04/2011 $23.13 100 $21.51 08/04/2011 $24.00 87.00  
LAST   2248.50  
SUM   3159.00  
  • $300 max loss allowed per trade. For fun only.
  • LAST = Year to the last month balance. SUM = Year to date realized gains/losses.
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