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Monday, January 26, 2009

Another no good sign

Forgot to mention, according to SP Energy Climactic Volume Indicator from, Energy sector seems pretty overbought, so could be a pullback tomorrow and therefore not good for the overall market.



  1. Hey Cobra,

    this is one of those time I disagree with you...oil and commodities on the rise, Yen retreat and Financial just joined the rally...up up and away my friend


  2. Cobra, Happy New Year!

  3. 2c, I suspect that data might be wrong on XLE CVI chart. If however the chart is correct then XLE definitely is due for a pullback.

  4. I've got a mail about recommending books. Is that yours? I need to check my old articles before answering that.

    There're so many guys named "Anonymous" here. I was always wondering how come so many people having the same name. LOL. I'm kidding of course.

  5. Yong, What happened to your simple trading ideas section with the chart of a Simple SDS System using the TRIX?

  6. Oh, that I removed. I'll put it back.

  7. About that simple SDS trading system, by the way, it's not my idea, I kind borrowed from the other stockcharts public list.

  8. Hi Cobra!

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your detailed charts and daily analysis. I don't always agree with your conclusions, but overall your insights are so valuable that I consider your site to be "required reading." That is about the highest compliment that I can pay to someone, and you've earned it.

    I saw that someone emailed you. What is your email address?

    Yes, there are a lot of "Anonymous" posters. I'm a bit surprised that dave hasn't shown up to mess with us. Come on, dave, you are dropping the ball! :P



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