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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

04/13/2011 After Bell Quick Summary

The bottom line, the short-term trend is down. I hold both long (trapped) and short overnight.

Judging by how market closes, I guess we might see some weakness tomorrow morning at least. Statistics, however, favors a little little bit on the bull side as SPY has been down 5 days in a row, buy at today’s close, sell at tomorrow close, you’ll have 67% chances since year 2003. It’s not much edge especially if you have noticed that the drawdown is much bigger than the best gains.


If you consider SPX down 4 consecutive days then rebound 1 day like what happened today, buy at close then sell at close tomorrow, you’ll have only 43% chances since year 2003. So again, not much bull edges here.


Demo account for short-term model, $200 max loss allowed per trade. Mechanical trading signal, for fun only.

TICKER Entry Date Entry Price Share Stop Loss Exit Date Exit Price Profit Comment
SDS 04/13/2011 $21.19 300 $20.45 New strategy, always hold.
SDS 04/12/2011 $21.30 200 $20.45 04/13/2011 $21.40 20.00  
SSO 04/11/2011 $53.16 100 $51.57 Not sure, speculation play.
SDS 04/11/2011 $20.93 200 $20.45 04/12/2011 $21.34 82.00  
SSO 04/08/2011 $53.47 100 $51.57 04/11/2011 $53.58 11.00  
SDS 04/07/2011 $20.71 400 $20.46 04/08/2011 $20.86 60.00 Against trend 1st time, half positioned.
SSO 04/07/2011 $54.35 100 $53.09 04/08/2011 $54.36 1.00  
SSO 04/06/2011 $53.93 200 $53.09 04/06/2011 $54.13 40.00  
SSO 04/04/2011 $53.74 100 $53.09 04/08/2011 $54.00 26.00  
SSO 04/01/2011 $54.00 100 $51.57 04/05/2011 $54.18 18.00  
SSO 03/28/2011 $52.02 100 $49.91 04/01/2011 $54.09 207.00  
LAST 1158.00  
SUM 1623.00  

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