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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Institutional Buying and Selling Trending

For Today:   A Double Elevated Alert Watch:  Institutions were in Accumulation with their Buy/Sell SPREAD decreasing.  Buying decreased, with selling increasing ... Note that the Selling was above its March/May resistance line on Monday and it closed above the shorter term horizontal resistance line yesterday (Wednesday).    This intensifies the Alert Watch on Institutional Selling again.   Institutions are still in net accumulation, BUT ... On both, Monday AND Tuesday, we said: "It is time for you to start thinking about taking some money of the table and reducing your exposure". Continue to do so.



  1. I am a fairly new reader. When I click on charts without a link, Norton Internet Security warns me that the site is unsafe. When I click on links to charts, when they are provided, the page opens with no warning. Just curious, and for now just clicking on links.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Cobra,
    thanks for posting this charts. This confirms that the institutions started the hunting season for bulls after killing all the bears. The weak bounce today so far (AM) from the very oversold condition is telling a lot.
    Your BPSPX, BPCOMPQ, and SPX MACD generated sell signals, NYSI started to fall. BPINDU still holding.

    To the anonymous new reader. Internet security will give you a positive warning if you click on picture with link in it. Only click on trusted websites. Do you trust Cobra?

  3. Also, SPX:CPCE looks like a sell today, right (if no reversal today)?

  4. Don't worry about the virus warnings, at least my virus software doesn't tell me anything.

    Don't look at SPX:CPCE untill 7:30pm ET. CPCE intraday readings are wrong.

  5. Cobra -

    Working on the list. It just got shorter!

    Thanks for all you do.

    Hey - your thoughts on 830 - or 823 gap fill on this move?

  6. 875 is the key. I cannot see far beyond that. But according to today's institutional trend, I think the down leg might have already started.

  7. Dear Cobra,

    Thank you for the correction of my previous comment. Today was a great trade and I'm not holding anything into OPEX--especially considering your report and also the Trading the Odds report. If we break resistance, then I left money on the table, but that's hardly anything to complain about.

    Your vision and analysis is quite impressive.

    Thank you,

  8. I think you're onto something here...

  9. Cobra said...

    "Don't worry about the virus warnings, at least my virus software doesn't tell me anything."




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