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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

07/20/2010 After Bell Quick Summary

OK, whether you believe or not, the recent option traders actions prove AGAIN some big guys know things way ahead we poor retailers. This is not fair but never is this world ever. The bottom line, the short-term trend is up and the Firework may go on for a few days until a big down gap open one day, if the same year 2008 pattern repeats. So good luck bulls, be sure to find a seat when music stops.

For tomorrow, a little little little little bearish biased, I need more time to gather info and think about how to coax you into believing so, so I’ll present the evidence tonight. In case you’ve noticed, yes, it’s about the extremely high TICK readings happened intraday. Since different data vendor has different TICK readings as it’s exchanger based not an universal agreed index, so you won’t get the same TICK readings as mine unless you’re using StockCharts. For now, one thing is sure: Most likely the market won’t up much tomorrow if not red, because TICK was closed above 1,000.


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