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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

06/16/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

Good chances a rebound at least tomorrow morning especially QQQQ.


  1. Rebound everyday? How come this doesn't happen to $USD? I just want to understand that everytime it is 1.5% up, it gets overbought and the next day it is down!

  2. Not rebound everyday, I said only intraday (like today for example), I have no idea how the market closes. But if we get a down day again tomorrow, I might be buying a little dip.

    As for US$, I belive an uptrend has already started.

  3. Thanks Cobra, I posted a couple charts on stockstop that seem to favor upside tomorrow, the caveat I have is we need a decent amount to avoid a selloff. Analyze.

  4. Are we very near another significant down cycle ? Just crossed the MA40 on this longer term view ... thoughts ?$NYSI:$SPX&p=D&yr=1&mn=0&dy=0&id=p57163545921

  5. Any significance to the SPY loosing the 20dma which has held since early march?


  6. Thanks Cobra for explanation. Sorry, I never meant to say that you were putting rebound everyday. With dollar index, I also believe deflation uptrend has started but just after a little bit up it gets overbought and the next day it's down! That never happened to SPX and DOW past few months the same fashion, isn't it? So, was just trying to understand.

  7. MA20 is not as important as MA200 which I believe all eyes are on it now.

    Tushar, got you, thanks. I know you just complain that US$ wasn't up smoothly. :-)

    And Annoymous, that NYSI:SPX chart is great, thanks. I believe SPX will at least pullback to 878.



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