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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

07/21/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

I got mixed signals again today. 

We have CPC < 0.8, so 79% chances a green close tomorrow.


But, we may have an All Up Day today which probably means a short-term weakness. Well, not very sure, as $GOLD neither was up nor down today. (Another discussion about all up day is here.)


So basically it’s your call for tomorrow while I’m still waiting here with no guts to chase up…


  1. Dear Cobra,

    Nevermind certain Anony comments. Just like changing a radio station, this person could go easily go somewhere else but they continue to show up here day after day.

    So a person who disagrees with you and yet continues to read your content is still a compliment. This persons criticism reflects more on the type of trader they are than it does on your analysis and it is people like that I don't feel sorry about taking money from.

    The majority of us are able to appreciate the quality and detail of your work. Thanks for all your effort.

    Best to all,

  2. Can't agree more. Appreciate the effort!

  3. Cobra, I'm seeing Hanging man on QQQQ and SPY. Do you think we topped or close to it.

  4. I saw that but not sure how AAPL is going to affect it tomorrow. Hanging man or whatever candlestick needs a follow-through so one day doesn't count.

  5. Cobra, Thanks a lot for the work you put together.
    If I'm paying attention to AH action, Tech related stocks aren't moving much with AAPL at all as they did with INTC.

    AAPL up around 7+ but QQQQ is up barely .22C. They were up around .50-.60 with INTc earning.

  6. Sumit, when INTC reports, RSI on NDX if below 50, now with RSI near 99 on ndx, do you think RSI will go 100+? ;-) Lots of stocks print either peak black cadle or hanging mans, a healthy pull back is needed for move above spx1000 and $cpmpq 1950+ later on. if mkt keeps going up without pull back, no one dare chase this mkt and hold over night without hedge.

  7. by the way, you really scares me when you have comments every day say: "We have CPC < 0.8, so 79% chances a green close tomorrow."

    maybe that means tomorrow, mkt will just do the same as today ;-)


  8. I went short with 100 contracts on the Sept SPY 80s, hoping that AAPL's earnings were factored in but I guess not, they went haywire to the upside. Gulp.... hope I don't get my ass handed to me too badly tomorrow.

  9. Cobra, i've been following your site for the past week and I am now down about $15k. What should I do? Should I double down tomorrow?

  10. Sorry to hear that, but please no double down. Simply wait for pullback as I still believe there's one. If the pullback is too weak, say, down 2 days couldn't even match the previous 1 day up, then better cover your short.



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