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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

08/12/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

I expect an up day tomorrow, not very sure though, because statistically the next day after FOMC tends to reverse what happens on FOMC which means a down day tomorrow as we had an up day today.


The main reason I believe we’re going to have an up day tomorrow is that CPCI closed at 1.60, which by counting dashed lines in the following chart (whenever CPCI was closed above 1.55), clearly the odds favors bulls tomorrow.



  1. Due to the Fed's comments about not increasing Q/E, the dollar immediately shot up. I tend to believe it will continue up tomorrow. Which, is bad for equities.

  2. Yeah, Hope that my MGM and URE work out tomorrow.

  3. Holy Cobra, You have so many tricks.

  4. no way cobra! market is going to plunge tomorrow

  5. Dr.Doom, you still have money left?

  6. send the market to the basement...

  7. From Ian's blog:

    Regards, Jim P.



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