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Thursday, August 27, 2009

08/27/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

I don’t see any tricks so I have no idea about tomorrow. Today is another cycle end, see cyan vertical line below, so could be a turning point which means a top of some kind (hey, whose tomato is this? Oh, eggs are welcome just don’t throw directly to me… #$@#*%&*@#$$%).


The longer history about cycles on 60 min chart as below, well, didn’t work 100% but still it worked, right? TA is about finding odds and sticking to it for winning on a longer period of time, blah blah blah…



  1. I still don't understand the how the cycle thing works. can you elaborate more about it?

  2. Chao,

    For example: market up until the cycle end then next cycle could be a down cycle. That's it, very simple.

    How I found the cycle? I use the cycle tool (provided by to try different cycle and keep the one that I find mostly worked in the past (e.g. 7 out of 10 times it worked) then this one could be the cycle I need as it's supposed to have 70% winning rate (at least in the past).

  3. I suppose this cycle or seasonality is a pretty weak indicator, right?

  4. Yes, at least I don't trade based merely on cycles.

  5. cobra, great blog

    what do you make of the last 4 candles?

    dojis, shooting stars, hanging man, etc

    indecision or turning point?

  6. Indecision by definition. Just the INDU has been up 8 days in a row with volume decreased day by day on the last 5 days, if the traditional TA I learnt still work, INDU should pullback very soon.

  7. Thanks Cobra. Flowers for you :-)

  8. haha....tomato was from a girl....

  9. Thanks Cobra. Black Underwear for you.

  10. thx,man, we got a long movie, watching and watching

  11. I feel your frustration, what good are technicals if the market ignores them? I went with my favorite technical indicator today and bought some Sep 96 SPY puts, this last move up feels toppy and weak. We shall see.



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