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Friday, August 14, 2009

08/14/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

I expect a green close next Monday for 2 reasons:

CPCI > 1.55 which means an up day next day.


Both VIX and SPX closed in red today, by counting green vertical lines we can see high likely an up day the next day.


There’s a catch though, I don’t have the final ISEE readings yet, since on the ISE web site it said the data was wrong. Just from the screenshot below (which is still a wrong data), ISEE index hit a 52 week high today and the previous 52 week high was hit on Mar 9, 2009. I think you should all remember what had happened after Mar 9, 2009. Anyway, I don’t mean the readings are bullish, I just mean even a slight different readings later posted by ISE, may change my speculations about the next Monday or even a little bit longer term, so I will talk about ISEE index later once I get the correct data.



  1. Cobra, thank you for making me some money this week so I will follow your expectation again to buy some ERX now.

  2. True story. I've followed cobra's indicators since the beginning of 2009. I made 167% on my portfolio in a couple weeks earlier this year. Then I promptly ignored his signals for a couple weeks and blew a healthy chunk of those gains. Just goes to show -- do not ignore this guy. I learned my lesson.

  3. With you doing the "intra-day update", very informative, statistical & historical data. Thanks! -- 90ufo

  4. Hi Cobra,

    I am just wondering how people are trading after your post? I mean, don't you post after the market? which means the stock market has closed and how did those poeple sell or buy when the market is closed? or are they trading futures? or what? Thanks!


  5. Cobra

    VIX was down but VXX is up. Need to consider the the busted trade that caused the vix to close down.

    Anyway I think we finally break to upside next week for intermediate top.

  6. Hello Cobra,..

    My bias is for a High on Monday (per Ian's blog post),..

    also,...ASMT blog is looking for same change in Trend (CIT) window, expecting a TOP on 08-14 to 08-17:

    (Suggestion,..maybe add ASMT Blog to your blogroll? - Jack De Veaux does good work. ...thanks)

    My next 3 wk cycle (likely pivot) date is Tues 08-18,..and I expect that to mark a turn DOWN from a High.

    Regards, Jim P.

  7. PS.. Also, worthwile article by Michael Kahn of Barron's, dtd 08-12-09:

    Logical, well developed thoughts,..I agree
    with his bottomline.

    Regards, Jim P.

  8. Hi Cobra,

    After seeing your post, I checked out some data as well. Over the last six weeks when the CPC surged to > .90, the following trading day recorded gains averaging 21 to 25 points. The Bollinger bands are currently at 1025 approx. I'm expecting a surge into that level Monday and Tuesday with a possible drop from there into Friday. Ultimately by September, should get to 1060 or 1080, before a significant correction.

  9. Thank you guys, thanks for all the info, I'll check them later as right now I'm fully occupied by my daughter. Just come to say hi.

    Dennis, there's after hour trading every week day until 8:00pm ET. Your broker has to support AH trading though.

  10. At 430 am I get your info and start looking for the opportunity that presents itself. Following your blog led to my biggest gain this week,
    Why CPCI, vs the other CBOE put call ratios? I appreciate your contribution to starting a two week winning streak.

  11. is the ISEE data going to be fixed?

  12. Anyone interested in analyzing the Q's.



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