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Thursday, August 13, 2009

08/13/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

I expect a red close tomorrow because CPCE closed at 0.52 which was way too bullish.


Also according to the newly added exit rule, firework is officially ended today.



  1. Cobra, CPCI < 1.55, does it mean a red close the next day?

  2. where do you get your cpce data from ?

    any links ?

    thanks, great work, great value.


    Please note, that the value such as 0.56 works only recently, it might not work in the future.

  4. Cobra, CPCI and CPCE which one should I trust ?

  5. CPCI only works when >= 1.55.
    CPCE only works when <= 0.56.
    And above all they work for now only, may not work in the future.

  6. so do you expect a big down day friday

  7. I don't expect a big down day, could rise to new high then pullback before close.

  8. Thanks again, Cobra. Your objective data in a sea of emotional reporting is great to hear.

  9. tomorrow, we will likely see fib resistance tested.

  10. Just for fun, I will point out this prediction that August 14th, 2009 will be a stock market crash. It does line up with the red close. LOL. This prediction was made in 1996.

  11. don't laugh anon re crash

    check out this fromray merriman who combines astrology with charting,-2009/



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